Machine tool bearings

Precision groove nuts & seal carrier assemblies

With myonic precision groove nuts, screw driver bearings are tensioned with an axial definition. They are also used when high axial forces need to be transferred or when high axial run-out precision and rigidity are required.

The myonic precision groove nuts are divided into 3 main groups:
LA- Locknut axial (axially securable groove nuts)
LR- Locknut radial (radially securable groove nuts)
LF- Locknut flank (groove nuts that can be secured via flanks)

The myonic seal carrier assembly DRS is used for the needle axial cylindrical roller bearing AXZF to completely seal the bearing unit.

The seal carrier assembly is supplied as a complete kit and consists of a sealing flange, a radial shaft sealing ring, a flange seal and cylinder head screws.