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Surgical robot – The Future of Surgery

Progress in medicine allows us to execute minimal invasive surgery gently and at the same time cost-effectively.

More and more often this is done by means of surgical robotic systems. myonic provides the relevant actuators….
Progress in medicine allows us to treat more and more physical ailments by innovative surgery.

By the selective use of surgical robotic systems necessary operations shall be executed more patient-friendly and more cost-effectively.

The endoscopic robotic surgery has potential to reduce hospitalization significantly as wound healing is significantly faster due to less tissue damage. Already now some invasive interventions are carried out in out-patients with the help of robotic surgery in cases where an in-patient hospital stay would have previously been necessary.

A wide use of surgical robotic systems is at the moment still highly restricted as the acquisition and running costs are high.
The idea behind “Senhance® System” of the American producer Asensus Surgical is to remove the economic restrictions of the current robotic systems. This shall be effected by reusable standard instruments as well as an open architecture which shall allow hospitals to use already available technology. In comparison to other systems the cost per procedure shall be reduced significantly. This is an important step to secure access to a solid medical care to poorer countries as well – on a long-run basis.

myonic is proud to provide Asensus Surgical company with three different variations of actuators.

Three different variations of myonic actuators