AXRY Axial-Radial-Bearings are double-direction, screw-on and installation-ready precision bearing units designed for highly rigid applications, such as rotary tables or milling heads.
The bearing can receive radial and axial forces on both sides as well as tilting moments, clearance-free.
AXRY-EX bearings are suited for grease and oil lubrication and are designed for maximum rigidity. The friction moments of the bearing are optimized. Starting and running moments are nearly identical. myonic AXRY-EX bearings fulfill every requirement of modern, high-dynamic and direct-acting machine axes. Model AXRY-ES is recommended for high-speed applications.

Precision / Models

As a standard, AXRY bearings are delivered greased with a dimensional tolerance according to P5 pursuant to DIN 620. The run-out tolerances (axial and radial run-out) are available in 2 categories, which correspond to P2 and/or UP. There is an unlimited choice of variety for the AXRY bearings, such as restriction of axial and radial run-out, height tolerances H1/H2, and the version supported angle ring AC.

Measuring System

AXRY bearings can be equipped with inductive angle measuring systems. These are available both, absolutely and incrementally (as single or multiple head systems in different precision levels).
The direct mounting to the bearing allows the highest accuracy by utilizing the precision of the bearing ring with the least possible concentricity error to the shaft (table).
For more details refer to the chapter measuring systems.

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