AXCR – Crossed Roller Bearings

AXDR double angular contact roller bearings are double-direction, screw-on and installation-ready precision bearing units designed for rigid applications, such as rotary tables or milling heads. The bearing can receive radial and axial forces, as well as tilting moments, free of clearance.

AXDR bearings consist of two raceways with cylindrical rollers arranged diagonally in an “O-direction”. A contact angle of 45° is perfectly suited for receiving all the forces that exist in machine tools.

One great advantage of the AXDR is its smooth running: The raceways are consistently homogenous without being interrupted by any lubricating holes or filling plugs, so contact with the rolling body is not impaired in any field. Therefore, premature wear and tear is avoided and a long service life with smooth running is guaranteed.

Due to the compact ring sections AXDR bearings are less susceptible to the environmental construction than AXRY bearings.
The construction layout of the bearings is rigidity-oriented, the tilting rigidity is mostly higher than commercially Axial-Radial-Bearings. For highest rigidity, we recommend the rigidity-optimized AXRY-EX model.

Double angular contact roller bearings are supplied with distance cages (spacer) or as a full-complement version without distance cages (suffix V). In the full-complement version V, the load ratings and the rigidity are higher but the bearing friction is higher. Therefore, this version is only suited for swiveling and slow rotations.

AXDR bearings are applicable for both, grease lubrication and oil lubrication. A special model for high-speed applications, which is prepared for oil/air lubrication and contains fixture bores for temperature sensors, is available upon request.

AXDR bearings are manufactured in many different versions and specifications. For further details please contact the myonic application engineering department.

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