Modern development requires one thing above all: speed. Systematic project management ensures that the customer can see myonic as a supplier as if it were a department in their own company.

The customer can choose what degree of cross-linking makes the most sense. Once all general conditions are clearly defined (specifications), nothing stands in the way of taking over a project as well as handling it independently. The alternative is a close collaboration from the beginning to series production.

Once the objective is clearly defined, we can make use of state-of-the-art resources to reach the objective. Samples are created based on customer-specific designs using 3D-CAD data that can then be validated in our test lab. Our facilities include a 3D measuring machine, a tension test machine and a laser vibrometer.

In addition, myonic has access to a broad competence network of suppliers, which in connection with its own core competencies makes myonic an ideal system provider. This makes it possible to achieve the objective while maintaining the required cost-effectiveness.

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