Environmental Policy

Pursuant to the environmental protection statutes dated 26.08.1993 of the Minebea Group and our own environmental responsibility,
myonic has introduced and maintains an environmental management system in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard. The effectiveness of the environmental management system is verified at regular intervals by way of internal and external audits.
myonic develops, manufactures and sells high precision miniature ball bearings, micro-precision systems and rotary systems,
which find their application, in particular, in certain fields of medical technology (dental equipment and X-ray tube bearings), and in many areas of the aerospace industry.
myonic is a metals processing company which performs mechanical machining, assembly, hardening, welding, surface degreasing and surface cleaning operations. Plastics are also processed and treated, although this represents only a small percentage of business. Cold cleaning solvents and Isopropanol are used for surface cleaning. Oils, coolants and hazardous substances such as technical gases are also deployed.
The principal activities relevant to the environment focus on:
Lawful handling of these substances
Waste management
Resource conservation in relation to deployed materials and process media

We explored the context of our company and defined the resulting requirements for the nature and complexity of our environmental management system.
By way of our environmental objectives, we set ourselves specific environmental standards in order to continuously improve measurable results from activities, products or services that may affect the environment.
Guaranteeing legal certainty with regard to environmental protection (water, fire and explosion protection).
Waste separation and proper disposal or recycling of recyclable materials in the economic cycle; myonic products are returned to the economic cycle in the form of scrap steel.
Resource conservation / reduced consumption of processing oils, hydraulic oils and solvents.

We are committed to compliance with official regulations, applicable laws, ordinances and other requirements and to aligning our processes in accordance with technical standards.

We set ourselves the goal of continuously improving environmental protection and anti-pollution measures. We guarantee this by
introducing, implementing and maintaining an environmental management system. We are committed to protecting the environment. The prevention of environmental pollution is a matter of course for us.Collection and evaluation of environmental data in
relation to the ways in which myonic´s most important activities, products or services may affect the environment are the basis for
continuous improvement.

We promote environmental awareness among our employees and contractors who work on behalf of myonic and ensure that training and education are offered and taken into account. All documentation concerning environmental management is available internally to all employees on the myonic Intranet; environmental policy is published for the public on the myonic website at www.myonic.com.

The principle of prevention is at the forefront of our actions. Where prevention is not possible, the resources used must be kept to a minimum.
Account is taken of environmental aspects as early as the product development stage. We develop products for our customers that are manufactured largely from materials that conserve resources, or from materials that can be either reused or recycled.

We desire to select our suppliers and to influence our existing suppliers in such a way that the impact of their quality of supply on our environmental objectives and programmes is either neutral or positive.