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Extreme Conditions

Our strengths start where other providers reach their limits. Thanks to our many years of experience with extreme environmental conditions, we have been able to support our customers in becoming market leaders in their field.

Whether in outer space at extreme temperatures, in a vacuum, over long periods of use or in medical technology with the most difficult media and specifications, we have always been able to offer a cost-effective solution.

As a partner, myonic can offer you the best combinations of materials, lubricants and coatings to improve your applications even further. Our customers throughout the world have relied on us for decades.

We are sure to have the right solution for you in our range – not just at high rotational speeds of over 100,000 rpm and in the most difficult environments, but also when faced with adverse conditions such as vibrations and corrosive media.

Actuator for minimal invasive surgery

Thin section bearing with face gear

Flywheel assembly

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