Full Speed

You can forget about Formula 1 – 19,000 rpm at full speed! Pathetic!

Your dentist has more to offer. Much more. 400,000 rpm, for example. Thanks to myonic.

Drills with a speed that would make you feel queasy just from hearing them – if you were able to hear them, that is! They are not just fast, but also perfected to such an extent that the high-pitched whining sounds are barely audible. A decisive factor is the optimal interaction of the ball bearing with the other components. Even the hot steam of the sterilisation process can not affect this combination.

The drills can meet the most extreme demands. Because many drills are conscientiously tested. Quality is everything in myonic’s dental area – a sector that represents the historic basis of the entire company and still accounts for most of its turnover today. And it will continue to be that way in future. So that dentists can continue to drill carefully and quietly and their patients can continue to have healthy teeth.

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