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Leading-Edge Technologies

Aside from the basic ball bearings design, there are other ways of improving the response of a rotating system. Myonic always offers customers access to the very latest developments that go beyond our own competence and expertise. Given steadily increasing tribological requirements, it is impossible to avoid coatings.

Whether dry lubricants or anti-wear protective coatings, myonic offers a broad and competent range of suppliers depending on the particular application. As a system supplier, bonding technologies such as welding and gluing are a must. Myonic is able to draw on considerable experience in handling virtually “unweldable” materials. Even the gluing of miniature parts with all its special requirements in terms of cleanliness, hardening periods and holding forces is part of our core field of expertise.

To do justice to the extreme demands of the medicine and aerospace sectors, even materials that are very difficult to process, such as certain types of steel and plastics, can be dealt with. Safe and reliable production processes have been specially developed for this purpose.

Our core competence is the competitive advantage of the customer: we draw on the very latest technologies to realize the outstanding functionality and economic efficiency of our developments.

Full complement bearing with threaded OD

Shielded deep groove ball bearing

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