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Loud is a Thing of the Past

The noise! Mammography used to be a noisy affair, directly next to one’s ear.

Mammography: The breast cancer examination that all women from a certain age should undergo regularly.

This used to be accompanied by fear and uncertainty. But not today. All you can hear is a quiet hum. Loud is a thing of the past. Because myonic has developed a new kind of bearing in cooperation with customers. These special bearings are not affected by the extreme temperatures or the high vacuum caused by mammographs.

The same also applies for the bearings in computer tomographs, which have to compensate for enormous centrifugal forces. Myonic has advanced a similarly spectacular breakthrough for keyhole surgery operations. With ball bearings for a set of forceps that surgeons can be used to perform incisions and even sutures in the body of the patient. High-tech for a healthy life.

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