A rotating system assembled from several individual components always leads the developer to the same conclusion. The component group is not just the sum of all individual parts – it’s the interaction between them that is crucial.

If clearance is too great, the thus undefined system automatically results in vibrations that are not just noisy but also impact durability. On the other hand, excessive press heat can increase the friction moment, which can also have a negative impact on durability.

To be able to achieve consistent quality in such cases, the process of assembly matching is indispensable. The individual parts are classified into groups so that they can subsequently be fitted with each other to an ideal clearance. By applying this type of modern supply chain solution, myonic is able to reduce assembly risks for the customer and thus also reduces costs.

This frees up additional capacities, increases processing time and reduces the administrative effort required in dealing with several suppliers – a pure increase in efficiency.

High precision ball bearing

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