Material Selection, Cages

Ball cages

The ball cage is designed to keep the ball in the ball bearing separated from each other around the partial circle of the bearing.
To be able to find the optimal solution for any ball bearing, myonic has developed many different models of ball cages. These differ both in their construction as well as in the material.

There is no single ball cage that meets all conceivable requirements. The following requirements need to be taken into account in the selection of the optimal ball cage:

Starting and running friction moment
Rotational speeds
Acceleration and deceleration
Operating temperature
Type and quantity of lubricant

Environmental conditions during use (vacuum, chemicals etc.)
Noise level requirements
External vibrations

myonic cage “480” Two piece steel ribbon cage tightly crimped

myonic cage “48” Two piece steel ribbon cage loosely crimped for low torque

Two piece steel ribbon cage with coating

myonic cage “23” for highspeed applications

myonic cage “25” highspeed application for angular contact ball bearing type

myonic cage “27” highspeed application for angular contact ball bearing type

Materials for ball cages

aside from metals, myonic can also offer many synthetic materials for ball cages. Some examples:

Hard tissue

Sterilisable hard tissue (myonic patent)
Laminated paper

Each material has its advantages depending on the application, lubrication and operating environment.
We highly recommend that you contact the nearest myonic or one of our technicians to make an optimal selection of the cage material.

Customer-specific cage constructions

If none of the listed standard cages is suitable for the requirements of the customer, myonic can also create special constructions that are completely based on customer specifications.
Our research and development team continuously tests new innovative materials and shapes for ball cages to achieve top performance.
Please contact our sales engineers or technicians, who will be happy to help you in selecting the best solution for your application area.

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