Perspective is everything

The interaction of the components has to be just right. Bearings. Shaft. Flywheel.
Once they are optimally coordinated to each other, they make a perfect perspective possible. In binoculars for example.

In very special binoculars that can be used to view the smallest details at great distances. And with a steady image! Because the mechanical stabilisation of the optics ensures a clear image. At the touch of a button: The motor is activated, and the vibration of the image is eliminated. Bearings. Shaft. Flywheel = gyro-stabilised optics.

A myonic development – as groundbreaking as the ball bearing for the cold-light laser operation on the eye. This makes exact incisions with the laser scalpel possible. And they are already indispensable before this: when the eye is measured before the operation. Down to the micrometer. That’s myonic quality.

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