myonic bearing solutions for challenging medical applications

When performing medical procedures, doctors must be able to rely on the precise and safe functioning of their instruments and equipment at all times.

myonic bearings and assemblies stand for maximum precision and safety, whether in dental handpieces with speeds of up to 500,000 revolutions per minute, in X-ray tubes with temperatures of up to 550°C or in instruments for neurosurgery, where 1/1000 mm can make or break an operation!

Dental technology

The origins of our company go back to the production of ball bearings for dental handpieces.
Today, we are the leading manufacturer in this market segment and generate a large proportion of our sales with sophisticated solutions for the dental industry worldwide.

Our products are used in air-driven turbines, but also in electrically driven angled handpieces and dental motors. Special challenges arise from speeds of up to 500,000 rpm and the highest hygiene requirements with thousands of sterilization processes. Our unique application and development expertise ensures maximum durability and minimum noise emissions.

Full speed

You can forget about Formula 1 – 19,000 rpm at full speed! Pathetic!

Your dentist will be quicker! – much quicker!
The drill in its turbine handpiece rotates at up to 500,000 revolutions per minute!

We can’t take away the unpleasantness of dental treatment, but myonic has been working for decades with all well-known manufacturers of dental handpieces to at least reduce the noise level.

The decisive factor here is the optimum interaction of the ball bearings with the customer’s instrument.
On our test benches, we not only demonstrate a low noise level, but also the long life time of the ball bearings in the toughest operating conditions and the influence of the many sterilization cycles that the handpiece will have to withstand at your dental practice!

Even though the dental sector accounts for a large proportion of myonic’s business, we hope that you will rarely have to experience the quality of our dental drill products personally!

Medical technology

The medical technology industry is the leader in patent applications. Medical technology is also very important at myonic.

We supply ball bearing and assembly solutions for a wide variety of systems/applications.
Whether for the micrometer-precise positioning of a laser beam during eye surgery or for the smooth functioning of a hand prosthesis, the applications for ball bearings in medical technology are almost endless.

However, all of these applications have one thing in common: flawless functionality is expected without compromise, this is directly linked to patient well-being.
With more than 50 years of experience, we offer our partners/customers maximum safety.

X-ray technology

Razor-sharp images thanks to myonic X-ray tube bearings

X-rays not only help to identify a possible bone fracture or an infected tooth root. Even the smallest blood clots or tumors in the brain can be detected with a CT scan.

The top quality of myonic bearings ensures precise and low-vibration running and therefore a razor-sharp X-ray image. But X-rays are not only used for diagnosis, they are also successfully used in the fight against tumors.


myonic precision bearings make an important contribution to the energy transition

Even in the production of our miniature ball bearings, we attach great importance to the careful use of increasingly scarce resources. For example, the electricity required to manufacture our products already comes exclusively from renewable energy sources.

We take into account certifications and environmental standards that confirm the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the materials and manufacturing processes used.

When developing and designing our precision ball bearings, we pay particular attention to energy efficiency: for example, ball bearings can have special designs or coatings that reduce frictional resistance, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

This can be particularly advantageous in applications such as flywheel energy storage systems, electric vehicles or energy recovery systems.


Miniature ball bearings play an important role in a wide range of industrial applications

They are used in a wide range of machines and devices to enable low-friction rotary movements, ensure precise positioning and extend the life time of components.

In metrology and quality assurance, miniature ball bearings ensure precise measurements and accuracy in these applications.

When used in electric motors, speeds of up to one million revolutions per minute are achieved in some cases. Our ball bearings are always up to this extreme challenge.

From use in automation and automotive technology, through the packaging and semiconductor industries, to special applications in laser technology, our miniature ball bearings can be found wherever the highest demands are placed on speed, accuracy and reliability.

Machine tool industry

Ultra precision made by myonic

The machine tool industry needs experienced system partners in order to further increase the performance of its high-performance machines and thus improve its competitiveness. myonic supports its customers in the ongoing development of sophisticated rotary table systems and rotary axes as well as in the implementation of customer-specific solutions.

Thanks to their optimised design and precise assembly and quality assurance methods, myonic roller bearings guarantee a long life time at a consistently high level of quality and excellent performance, making them the best solution for our customers, both economically and environmentally.


Miniature ball bearings play an important role in a wide range of industrial applications

Miniature ball bearings for aerospace applications have to withstand extreme loads and demanding environmental conditions.

They must offer high performance and durability in order to fulfil the requirements of the space and aviation industries.

Such applications often involve high axial and radial loads as well as shock loads and vibrations.


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