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Ball bearings

So everything runs smoothly

Top-precision myonic ball bearings are used in the fields of medical, vacuum, food, aerospace and high-speed technology as well as in many other industrial applications.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development and manufacture of ball bearings, we can offer the right bearing type and design for every application, even under extreme boundary conditions, and provide you with expert support in integrating them into your system.

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Deep groove ball bearings

Angular contact bearings

Axial ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings

1 million revolutions

In cooperation with the Leutkirch-based motor manufacturer ATE System and researchers from the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), myonic has cracked the magic speed limit of one million revolutions per minute. This is the highest speed ever achieved by an electric drive system.

In future, rotating applications will achieve even higher speeds, e.g. drills in medical technology, spindles in materials processing and compressors in automotive technology.

In order to drive these directly, efficiently and in a controlled manner, electrical drive systems with appropriate speeds and power ratings will be necessary. Up to now, industrial motors have reached speeds of up to a maximum of 300,000 revolutions per minute.

myonic, ATE and the researchers at ETH Zurich have jointly developed a drive system that achieves speeds of over 1,000,000 revolutions per minute (16,667 revolutions per second) – that’s a world record!

It generates 100 watts of drive power and is barely bigger than a matchbox. The ball bearings are optimised for the highest speeds and the rotor construction has a titanium jacket that can withstand even extreme centrifugal forces. A low-friction bearing and a low-loss stator ensure maximum efficiency. This milestone in the development of rotational speeds opens a door to applications in previously unknown dimensions for potential users.

Dental bearings

Ultra precision made by myonic

A dental bearing must withstand the most extreme conditions and is also one of the most crucial components for the performance of a dental instrument. In order to keep improving these instruments, individual solutions must always be sought and rigorously implemented.

For decades, myonic has supplied customers worldwide with innovative and reliable dental bearings and has consequently achieved an outstanding market position.

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Dental bearings

Dental spindles

Turbine units


Bearing systems and assemblies

When it comes to optimising the interaction of individual components within a system, it is absolutely essential that all components of an assembly are precisely matched to each other.

This requires strict monitoring of the quality of all components. Interface problems are minimised when these are manufactured by myonic.

In combination with sophisticated assembly processes, this ensures optimal functioning of the assembly.

In the words of Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.



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Bearing systems

Complex assemblies

Special bearings

(Almost) anything is possible

Where other providers reach the end of their capabilities, our strengths begin.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of bearings for a wide range of applications and uses, we are able to offer more than the optimum combinations of materials, lubricants and coatings.

Thanks to our highly flexible manufacturing, we can also implement special geometries and bearing designs that cannot be found in any standard catalogue.

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Bearing cartridges / superduplex bearings

Customer-specific adjacent contours

Customer-specific solutions

The biggest challenge in today’s business environment is price pressure.
Our goal is to be competitive in a global world by consistently focusing on our core competencies.

Always with quality in mind, we analyse the rotating system and develop an optimal customised solution for our customer.

This is not only related to the bearing design – the correct bearing clearance, the lubricant or the correct choice of fit for the housing or shaft also ensure the desired performance and life time.

In addition, myonic offers customised processes that prove and secure the functionality of the product: lifetime tests, special traceability documentation or even customised packaging, e.g. with nitrogen or argon.

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System specification


X-ray tube bearings

X-ray tube bearings from the market leader

myonic bearing units for X-ray tubes are used by the world’s leading manufacturers in OEM and replacement X-ray tubes to ensure the optimum generation of sharp, detailed images.

The ball bearing system developed by myonic ensures highly accurate, low-loss and vibration-free running in every position despite temperatures of up to 550°C.

All our X-ray tube bearings are suitable for vacuums and high temperatures. We guarantee this by using dry lubrication as well as special steels. Our production, assembly and quality facilities are designed to guarantee reliable supply to our customers worldwide.


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Diagnostics / Mammography

Mid-CT / vascular

High-end CT

Machine tool bearings

myonic can also do big!

myonic products are used in rotary table systems and rotary axes as well as in linear drive units. myonic bearings are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Only ultra-precision machine tools are used in our fully air-conditioned production facility. Combined with modern processes, rolling element bearings of the highest quality are produced.

Our development engineers and test benches are located in the immediate vicinity of production. Short distances increase flexibility and the speed required to quickly implement perfect solutions for our customers.

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