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Precision connects!

myonic is an international industrial company with subsidiaries in Germany and the Czech Republic and more than 500 employees worldwide.

Since 2009, the company has been part of the Japanese MinebeaMitsumi Group.

Our success results…

…from the performance, efficiency and know-how of our employees, who are characterised by a fascination for small things, precision and quality.

With over 80 years of experience in the manufacture of precision ball bearings, we supply various products and services for cutting-edge technologies in medical technology, precision engineering, mechanical engineering and aerospace.

We are proud to present myonic as a company with a promising future and to be able to realise our visions with a strong group behind us.

The invention of the ball bearing…

…is attributed to the most famous universal genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci.

His considerations were already focused on minimising the losses between parts rotating against each other and centering them as precisely as possible.

The founding fathers of our original company were also fascinated by ingenious ball bearing solutions: In 1936, the then Swiss company RMB SA began developing and manufacturing ball bearings for the dental industry – a field in which we are now the global market leader.

myonic products can be found today wherever intelligent and economical solutions are required under the most difficult operating conditions. Maximum precision combined with customer and employee proximity, global presence and top quality – that’s us.

Size comparison of a myonic UL 103XL bearing with a 1 cent coin

Facts & figures

Locations myonic GmbH

Company structure

myonic is an independently operating company within the Japanese MinebeaMitsumi Group with a high-tech assembly plant in a neighbouring European country.

Our daily work is characterised by flat hierarchies and a solution-oriented approach!

myonic GmbH management team

Committed, expert, visionary – the management of the myonic Group corresponds to the characteristic structure of an industrial company with group backing. Globally active, yet down-to-earth and accessible for our employees, we live a value and people-orientated corporate culture.

We are myonic!

Leadership principles

“Valuing employees is the basis of success.”

“I am consistently results-oriented and deliver the agreed results.”

“As a manager, I act as if it were my own company and act as a role model.”

“I actively drive innovation and change for the future success of myonic”.

“I consistently align myself with the needs and expectations of my customers and fulfil them.”

“I communicate in a solution-orientated way and look for the best solution for myonic”.

“As a manager, I am committed to continuously developing the performance of my team.”

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