Dental Bearings

A dental bearing must be able to withstand the most extreme conditions and at the same time is one of the most decisive components for the performance of a dental instrument. To consistently improve this performance, an individual solution must always be sought and implemented consistently.

For decades, myonic has supplied customers worldwide with its innovative and reliable dental bearings and has earned itself an exceptional market position.

Rotational speeds of up to 500,000 rpm, vibrations, superheated steam or different cleaning media as well as penetrating soiling such as blood and tooth dust are the biggest challenges for such special ball bearings.

Aside from the individual design, these challenges are met with a systematic selection of materials and lubricants.

The result is a product that is custom-tailored for this application and that meets all requirements over a long period. Challenge us! Our developers are looking for new, difficult problems to solve.

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Dental turbine assemybly

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