X-ray Tube Bearings

Medical imaging becomes increasingly significant. Whether in the area of emergency care, dentistry, surgery or even veterinary medicine – the early detection of diseases as well as ensuring target-oriented therapy to serve patients’ welfare and to reduce costs in the healthcare sector is the main objective. That is why manufacturers of X-ray tubes are looking for innovative partner with whom the possibilities in this sector can be advanced further.

myonic X-ray tube bearings are used in the entire spectrum of modern X-ray tubes from diagnostics to high-end CT applications.
Our customers’ different requirements with regard to performance parameters such as temperatures, noise and vibration behaviour, rotational speeds, target weights, G-forces and lifecycle requirements are implemented by us in customised bearing units that make an optimal solution for their application possible for our customers.

To be able to meet these requirements, myonic can use all kinds of bearing concepts. What they all have in common is their suitability to function in a vacuum and at high temperatures that we can guarantee through the use of dry lubricants as well as special materials. Our coordinated manufacture, assembly and quality control facilities guarantee a reliable supply of myonic products for our customers worldwide.
If this has stirred your interest, we would be delighted to be able to demonstrate our capabilities in the area of X-ray tube bearings.

X-Ray bearing units

X-Ray bearing units

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