Miniature ball bearings play an important role in a wide range of industrial applications

They are used in a wide range of machines and devices to enable low-friction rotary movements, ensure precise positioning and extend the life time of components.

In metrology and quality assurance, miniature ball bearings ensure precise measurements and accuracy in these applications.

When used in electric motors, speeds of up to one million revolutions per minute are achieved in some cases. Our ball bearings are always up to this extreme challenge.

From use in automation and automotive technology, through the packaging and semiconductor industries, to special applications in laser technology, our miniature ball bearings can be found wherever the highest demands are placed on speed, accuracy and reliability.

Measurement and control technology

The quality and precision of our miniature ball bearings are crucial for the performance and reliability of measuring instruments and devices. Accurate measurements of workpieces throughout the entire production process are essential in order to manufacture high-quality machines and products.

In high-resolution microscopes, miniature ball bearings are used to enable the movement of lenses or specimen holders and to improve the sharpness and positioning of images.

When used in sensors, our ball bearings ensure low-friction and precise guidance of rotary movements. Furthermore, our bearings ensure that the flow rate in gas meters or other flow meters is determined accurately.


myonic and MinebeaMitsumi are working together successfully in the development and production of ball bearings for exhaust gas turbochargers.

The increasingly stringent emissions regulations are forcing car manufacturers to look for new ways to reduce fuel consumption. Our rolling bearings increase engine efficiency by approx. 2-4% and are therefore the focus of all well-known turbocharger manufacturers.

Special materials and production processes enable the high speeds of up to 250,000 rpm. in a temperature range from -40 to 320°C. Areas of application include car and commercial vehicle engines of all sizes.

Electric motors

Our miniature ball bearings guarantee low-friction and precise movement of the rotors of an electric motor, resulting in low-noise operation and low energy consumption.

We can achieve speeds of up to one million revolutions per minute. Even under the most demanding operating conditions, our miniature ball bearings guarantee durability and a long life time.

Vacuum technology

Vacuum technology is a field of physics and technology that deals with the generation and manipulation of vacuums, i.e. spaces with no or very low pressure.

Such vacuum conditions are used in a variety of areas, including semiconductor manufacturing, analytics, research and aerospace.

As conventional lubricants often reach their limits here, myonic always offers the right choice of lubricant for these extreme environmental conditions, e.g. silver or MoS2.

Automation technology and robotics

Whether for automation systems or the most diverse types of robots, rolling bearings play an important role everywhere.

Our miniature ball bearings enable precise and low-friction movements in automated systems. Robots are used in demanding and specialised applications and perform a wide range of tasks.

Taking into account specific requirements such as load, speed or life time, myonic offers the perfect solution for your application.

Laser technology

In laser technology, ball bearings play an important role in the movement and alignment of optical elements, laser heads and other components in laser systems.

Ball bearings are used to enable precise movements, which are crucial for accurate positioning of the laser beam and efficient laser performance.

In labelling technology, for example, galvanometer scanners are used in the labelling heads, which ensure accurate and permanent labelling with the help of our precision ball bearings.


Machine tool spindles

Machine tool spindles are crucial components in various machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and drilling machines.

They are responsible for holding tools or workpieces and enable various machining operations to be carried out. Low friction, high running accuracy and bearing rigidity are decisive factors when selecting bearings for machine tool spindle applications.

myonic spindle and high-precision bearings guarantee the reliable and long-lasting operation of your spindle.

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