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Bearing systems and assemblies

When it comes to optimising the interaction of individual components within a system, it is absolutely essential that all components of an assembly are precisely matched to each other.

This requires strict monitoring of the quality of all components. Interface problems are minimised when these are manufactured by myonic.

In combination with sophisticated assembly processes, this ensures optimal functioning of the assembly.

In the words of Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.


Bearing systems

Bearing systems from myonic are characterised by the fact that they can be manufactured with the maximum possible precision. As a ball bearing manufacturer, we are used to delivering tolerances in the 1µ range.
All interfaces are manufactured with the highest accuracy so that the individual components can interact perfectly with their adjoining partners.

Complex assemblies

By complex assemblies we mean the combination of various individual bearings and bearing systems.
In addition to the requirements for uncompromising accuracy, these usually offer added functional value compared to simple bearing systems.
Various integration and assembly techniques make it possible to further optimise the overall system with regard to the requirements.

  • Zero clearance

  • Miniaturisation

  • Maximum accuracy

Customer-specific assemblies

A complex system, assembled from several individual parts, always leads the developer to the same conclusion. An assembly is more than just the sum of its individual parts; it is the interplay that is the decisive factor.

For example, too much clearance in a rotating system inevitably causes vibrations that are not only noisy, but also drastically worsen the life time of the bearings and other components. In contrast, excessive press fits lead to impermissible deformations or excessive friction torques.

Especially in the miniature range, fractions of a mµ-metre (1/1000 mm) often determine the correct function of a component. With the appropriate measuring equipment, components can be classified into groups and then assembled with the ideal clearance. In this way, myonic reduces the assembly risks for the customer and helps to cut costs.

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