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Customer-specific solutions

The biggest challenge in today’s business environment is price pressure.
Our goal is to be competitive in a global world by consistently focusing on our core competencies.

Always with quality in mind, we analyse the rotating system and develop an optimal customised solution for our customer.


This is not only related to the bearing design – the correct bearing clearance, the lubricant or the correct choice of fit for the housing or shaft also ensure the desired performance and life time.

In addition, myonic offers customised processes that prove and secure the functionality of the product: lifetime tests, special traceability documentation or even customised packaging, e.g. with nitrogen or argon.

Bearing development

More than ever, the focus in product development is on time to market.
Aware that our bearings are of fundamental importance to our customers’ products, myonic has set up project management in such a way that the customer can regard us as an in-house department.
The customer can choose which degree of networking makes the most sense. If all boundary conditions are clearly defined in a specification sheet, nothing stands in the way of taking over the project and handling it independently. However, especially in the case of complex applications, close cooperation is recommended from the very beginning until the product is ready for series production.

We can draw on state-of-the-art resources for development. Based on the customer-specific data, the bearing is calculated and designed using the latest software and samples are produced on the basis of the 3D CAD data generated. If required, the samples can be validated in our test laboratory in functional or lifetime tests. Even more meaningful, however, are detailed findings from test parts from customer tests, which are also carried out in our laboratory.
In addition, myonic makes use of a broad supplier competence network from industry and research, which in combination with its own core competences makes myonic an ideal system supplier.

System specification

The more complex and technically demanding an application is, the more specific knowledge of the overall system is required for optimum bearing sizing and design.

True to the motto “more than a bearing”, myonic always strives not only to sell rolling element bearings, but also to offer the customer the best possible technical and commercial solution based on extensive application knowledge.

We draw our experience from applications in household vacuum cleaners, as well as in the Mars robot, at -100°C in space or over 500°C in an X-ray tube.
Often, the user is not even aware of the factors that determine function and service life. The specifications and requirements profiles drawn up in joint developments now define the standard bearing design for many customers’ applications.

Our engineers are also happy to discover new areas of application and work together with you to develop new solutions!


The quality demanded by our customers and by ourselves requires the highest level of know-how and care in all processes.
In addition to the bearing design, the materials used and the high-precision manufacture of the individual components, cleanliness and precision during assembly under cleanroom conditions are a basic requirement.
For us as a system supplier, joining technologies such as welding and bonding are a matter of course. We can draw on a wealth of experience in dealing with virtually “unweldable” materials. The bonding of miniature parts with all its requirements such as cleanliness, curing times and holding forces is also one of myonic’s core competencies.

Especially in the assembly area, quality is based on the experience and sense of responsibility of each individual employee. Our assembly personnel, some of whom have been with us for many years, are continuously trained and have a level of quality that is far above the standard.

myonic also offers this assembly as a service. It is characterised by flexibility, a wide range of variants with measuring and assembly equipment developed in-house, adapted cleaning methods and even product-specific packaging.

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