Miniature ball bearings for aerospace applications have to withstand extreme loads and demanding environmental conditions.

They must offer high performance and durability in order to fulfil the requirements of the space and aviation industries.

Such applications often involve high axial and radial loads as well as shock loads and vibrations.

Extreme conditions

myonic offers the possibility of fully mastering these conditions through special bearing designs and the use of complete assembly modules.
This means that our miniature ball bearings are able to withstand the prevailing loads over long periods of time without any loss of performance.

The use of special lubricants and seals also enables our ball bearings to operate reliably even at very high or very low temperatures. In addition, the traceability of all components and production steps is achieved in full at myonic.


Ball bearings for aircraft must fulfil strict quality and safety standards, as the reliability of these components is of crucial importance.

They must fulfil the special requirements of the aviation sector and offer high performance under extreme conditions.

myonic products are the first choice above the clouds and far beyond.

Mars goes mobile

myonic ball bearings also rotate on and around Mars.

Ball bearings manufactured in Leutkirch are not only found on our beautiful planet, they can also be found on Mars, where they prove their high precision and quality: On the surface of Mars in the NASA Mars rover Curiosity.

After landing, Curiosity began sending its first images to Earth. myonic ball bearings from Leutkirch, specifically our ULQW 917 X ball bearings, are installed in the Cooler K508 cooling system for infrared appliances.
The systems are all in top condition and Curiosity has successfully exceeded its originally estimated operating time by far.


Satellites in the cold of space. Also on board: bearings that are in stand-by mode for years or even decades – and then suddenly, from one second to the next, are needed; they then have to function without any problems.

Satellites are equipped with various moving components and mechanisms that are crucial for their function and orientation in space. For example, our precision ball bearings are used in control units, movable antennas and solar panel alignment systems.

Orbiting Mars – the Indian space probe Mangalyaan

On 25 September 2014 the camera of the Indian Mars orbiter mission Mangalyaan transmitted its first colour photo of the Martian atmosphere. The space probe was officially called the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) and was carried out by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The orbiter was launched on 5 November 2013 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh, India, and reached Mars on 24 September 2014, when it successfully entered the orbit of the red planet.

The main task of this mission was to successfully enter a stable orbit around Mars. Further objectives were the testing of deep space communication and the planning and realisation of an interplanetary mission. Mangalyaan was to orbit Mars for at least six months and analyse the red planet’s weather using solar-powered instruments.

As a secondary aim, the scientists hoped to gain insights into the whereabouts of the once liquid water on the surface. On board the Mars probe: myonic ball bearings from Leutkirch!

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