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myonic is an international industrial company with subsidiaries in Germany and the Czech Republic and more than 500 employees worldwide.

Since 2009, the company has been part of the Japanese MinebeaMitsumi Group.

Our success results…

…from the performance, efficiency and know-how of our employees, who are characterised by a fascination for small things, precision and quality.

With over 80 years of experience in the manufacture of precision ball bearings, we supply various products and services for cutting-edge technologies in medical technology, precision engineering, mechanical engineering and aerospace.

We are proud to present myonic as a company with a promising future and to be able to realise our visions with a strong group behind us.

The invention of the ball bearing…

…is attributed to the most famous universal genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci.

His considerations were already focused on minimising the losses between parts rotating against each other and centering them as precisely as possible.

The founding fathers of our original company were also fascinated by ingenious ball bearing solutions: In 1936, the then Swiss company RMB SA began developing and manufacturing ball bearings for the dental industry – a field in which we are now the global market leader.

myonic products can be found today wherever intelligent and economical solutions are required under the most difficult operating conditions. Maximum precision combined with customer and employee proximity, global presence and top quality – that’s us.

Size comparison of a myonic UL 103XL bearing with a 1 cent coin

Facts & figures

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Flexible working time arrangements

Working time that fits perfectly with your own everyday life.

Working time that fits perfectly with your own everyday life.

Whether early bird or late riser – wherever operationally possible, we offer our employees maximum flexibility in arranging their working hours. Whether it is the flexitime model with core working hours, part-time models, attractive shift models or the possibility of time off, it is important to us to create a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

Mobile working

We support mobile working.

We support mobile working.

Through the individual flexible organisation of work in terms of location and time, through the instrument of mobile working, we enable our employees to better harmonise their personal interests with the requirements of the company.
Of course, we provide employees with the necessary technical work equipment, e.g. notebook, monitor, headset.


Enjoy the advantages of a company that is bound by collective agreements.

Enjoy the advantages of a company that is bound by collective agreements.

We belong to the employers’ association of the metal and electrical industry, which negotiates collective agreements with IG-Metall. In addition to a fair and equitable wage policy, the collective agreement also regulates a number of other benefits: Paid days off from work, holiday pay, collectively agreed special payments, 35-hour week, part-time work for older workers and much more.

Continuing professional development

Lifelong learning, preservation and expansion of knowledge.

Lifelong learning, preservation and expansion of knowledge.

Our employees have the opportunity to take part in further and advanced training, seminars and workshops. We offer professional development measures within and outside our company. The need is addressed during the annual staff appraisals.


The health of our employees is important to us.

The health of our employees is important to us.

Beyond the legal requirements, we offer…
…a subsidy for VDU workstation glasses
…taking part in various campaigns, e.g. “Stadtradeln” of the town of Leutkirch
…health campaigns in cooperation with health insurance funds
…preventive measures such as stress resistance measurement followed by a workshop, ergonomics advice, nutrition action days, eye screening, back ergonomics

In-house canteen

Eat together with colleagues every day.

Eat together with colleagues every day.

Our in-house canteen offers a varied, daily changing, subsidised range of hot meals at lunchtime, as well as various cold and hot breakfast options, such as sandwiches, meat patties, yoghurt, muesli, fruit, and much more.

Free coffee / tea / water

A good start to the day or a wake-up call.

A good start to the day or a wake-up call.

Hot drinks like coffee, tea and cocoa are an integral part of our everyday lives – as a warming beverage or as a familiar companion. In addition to free water, we offer our employees free coffee and tea.

Bonus system

Profit sharing

Profit sharing

We pass on company profits to our employees in the form of another special payment. Thanks to the dedication of our employees, we have been able to pay this out over many years.


Holidays are important for your health.

Holidays are important for your health.

The basic leave is 30 working days. In addition, further options under collective agreements are available under certain conditions.

Staff events

A fun time with colleagues.

A fun time with colleagues.

We are convinced that an exchange beyond the daily work routine promotes the cooperation and motivation of employees and has a positive effect on the performance of the entire company. That’s why we organise regular events, such as the company party, the subsidised departmental outing, the skiing trip, the apprentices’ hut, team-building measures or take part in volleyball tournaments as a myonic team.

Charging private e-vehicles

Easy charging in our car park

Easy charging in our car park

To support the use of electric and hybrid vehicles and thus make an important contribution to environmental protection, myonic promotes the charging of private e-vehicles. In addition to company cars, private e-vehicles can also be charged at our e-charging stations.

Bicycle leasing

Getting to work in a climate-neutral way.

Getting to work in a climate-neutral way.

Our employees have the option of leasing a bicycle through us. Whether e-bike, road bike or mountain bike, every bicycle can be selected at the registered bicycle dealer. The bike can be used both for commuting to work and for private purposes.

myonic New Work

A good working atmosphere requires focus on the employee. Therefore, we cultivate a culture of trust and fairness.

We open up spaces for new agile approaches in the modern working world and focus on flexibilisation of working hours and mobile offices.

You can also read the following news article:

New Work Office

Desk sharing, mobile working, work-life-balance – these are key words which are more and more evident in our daily life.  Mobile office has meanwhile become a fixed part for the employees in administration and cannot be disposed of in working life.
The progress in networking and digitalization also demands an adapted working world at myonic. Within the last year the first open-plan office was adapted to the hybrid and modern way of working within a pilot scheme. The new work office entails newly structured work places, the so-called desk sharing. Work places are no longer assigned to a certain person which also means that at any time a certain part of the employees work in mobile office as there are more employees than adequate desks.

Developing the new office with a project work
The target of the project was to design an innovative and sustainable working world on 380 m² for around 45 employees. Based on a 60 % average rate of presence, modern, attractive work places and smart working offers within a hybrid working scheme are to be created.  The project started with a feasibility study which was realized with the support of the company  Staehlin from Kempten and the management of myonic. As early as in the second phase the colleagues concerned were integrated into the planning.  Over a period of several months the experts for office planning developed the concept for the new open-plan office in close cooperation  and numerous detail discussions together with our employees. The company Uli Schuh from Ravensburg supported us in designing the work café.

Division into different work areas
The new work office consists of different areas. The largest part consists of the standard work places, which can be booked via a special software. Furthermore, there is the medium focus area which comprises most of the working places and the high focus area also called area for silent work which is situated apart from the other areas. For quick work on the laptop „touchdown places“ are available. For web conferences and intimate discussions two „cubes“ offering space for 4 people, and two  „phone boxes“ for one person each, are available. The heart of the new work office is the Work Café with its cosy lounges. This safe space shall offer space for communication and recovery. Moreover a larger meeting room was created – the so-called „project bay“. This room offers space for team and project work . However, it can also be used as a temporary work place. In planning the new work places the smallest details were taken into account, e.g. large green areas considerably increase the well-being.

New work office – more than only a modification of space
This sustainable design improves the communication among colleagues as well as interdisciplinary and among the departments. The decentralized way of working offers a possibility of leaving behind old routines, thinking of new ways of work and forms of organization and thus of being well prepared for the challenges of the future. The loss of fixed work places promotes the personal exchange and the direct flow of information between the different teams.  This offers a chance to look beyond one’s own daily work and to be inspired by the expertise, prospectives, knowledge and experience of other areas. In view of the green transformation, the almost paperless office is also one step further in reaching our goal.

Positive feedback from the departments concerned
Reactions among our employees are predominantly positive or even exclusively positive. It is much appreciated that most of the wishes and suggestions of the workshop were integrated into the office concept. The colleagues therefore feel at ease. The excellent technical equipment as well as the given flexibility and the possibility for self-organization is praized. Others appreciate the changing colleagues in the direct environment and a clean and tidy desk every morning.

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