Machine tool industry

Ultra precision made by myonic

The machine tool industry needs experienced system partners in order to further increase the performance of its high-performance machines and thus improve its competitiveness.

myonic supports its customers in the ongoing development of sophisticated rotary table systems and rotary axes as well as in the implementation of customer-specific solutions.

Thanks to their optimised design and precise assembly and quality assurance methods, myonic roller bearings guarantee a long life time at a consistently high level of quality and excellent performance, making them the best solution for our customers, both economically and environmentally.

Dividing heads and swivel rotary tables

Dividing heads and swivel rotary tables are also at the heart of modern machine tools.
The accuracy of the bearing technology is decisive for the precision of the overall system. This is where the advantages of our ultra-precise bearings really come into their own.

The new generation of axial/radial bearings offers an ideal solution here.

The AXRY-NGX (Next Generation X) for low-speed applications offers maximum performance data in terms of rigidity, load ratings and life time in the available installation space.

The new generation of speed bearings AXRY-NGS (Next Generation Speed) combines maximum performance data such as speed, life time and rigidity.

Milling heads

The requirements for bearings in milling heads are geared towards maximum accuracy with the most compact design possible. Depending on the customer’s requirements, myonic offers various bearing types. The variants that are also suitable for an integrated measuring system are frequently used here.

An additional floating bearing is sometimes required for long axes. Our radial floating bearing is a highly uncomplicated solution that goes beyond the usual standard.

Semiconductor industry

Applications in the semiconductor industry demand not only high accuracy at the limits of what is technically possible, but also very challenging limits in terms of friction torques, repeatability and other measured values.

We have succeeded in meeting all of these very challenging requirements by consistently developing bearing performance and optimising details. This enables us to offer our customers solutions suitable for series production in this exciting growth market.

Products machine tool bearings


Next-Generation Axial-Radial Bearings, maximum rigidity


Next-Generation Axial-Radial Bearings, maximum speed


Axial-Radial Bearings for rigid applications


Axial-Radial Bearings with angle measuring systems


Double row angular contact roller bearings for rigid applications


Cross roller bearings for compact designs


Floating bearings and special bearings

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