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Dental bearings

Ultra precision made by myonic

A dental bearing must withstand the most extreme conditions and is also one of the most crucial components for the performance of a dental instrument.

In order to keep improving these instruments, individual solutions must always be sought and rigorously implemented.

For decades, myonic has supplied customers worldwide with innovative and reliable dental bearings and has consequently achieved an outstanding market position.

Our application expertise

Mitarbeiter myonic in Produktionshalle

Speeds of up to 500,000 rpm, vibrations, superheated steam, various cleaning media, and penetrating contamination such as blood and dental dust. These are the major challenges for these special ball bearings.

We meet these challenges with custom designs and a targeted selection of materials and lubricants.

The result is a product that is tailor-made for the application and meets all requirements over a long period of time. Challenge us! Our developers look forward to solving new and tricky problems every day!


Market position

Supplier of choice

For decades, myonic has been the supplier of choice for almost all well-known dental equipment manufacturers. OEMs from around the globe place their trust in us for successful collaboration.

As a supplier of dental bearings, myonic has always been passionate about understanding and developing applications. This is the only way to ensure continuous improvement.

Trust, openness and the pursuit of joint success have always been our most important values. We are not only a supplier, but also a partner to our customers.

As part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, myonic brings to the table a background as a leading manufacturer of dental bearings. We draw on our market position, technical experience and the proven products that result from our many years as a leading manufacturer of dental bearings. As the world’s largest bearing manufacturer, MinebeaMitsumi has the industrial capacity and resources to combine with myonic’s dental standards to deliver large volumes of high-quality products at competitive prices.


Custom requirements

Every dental application has its own challenges. myonic specialises in providing solutions for all customer-specific environments.

Within the MinebeaMitsumi Group, myonic is a specialist for customized bearings with short delivery times in varying production sizes. In addition, myonic has access to MinebeaMitsumi’s resources for solutions for all rotating applications.

myonic is not only the No. 1 in dental bearings, but we have also expanded our portfolio to include an additional product group: balanced turbine assemblies with spindles manufactured in-house.

At first glance, dental bearings have not changed much over the years. myonic is constantly testing new materials and lubricants to drive constant improvements in performance.

Market demand

The dental industry is mainly driven by three aspects:

  • First class quality

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Availability

While most OEMs aim for the longest possible product life in order to secure their market position and reputation, there are regions in the world where customers still require a quality product, but the price is absolutely paramount. In the spare parts market, the availability of quality products is the most important factor. None of the above requirements is more important than any other.

The key is to understand and be prepared for the specific needs. In addition, each region has its own market characteristics that determine both OEM and aftermarket requirements.

As part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, myonic brings to the table a background as a leading manufacturer of dental bearings. We draw on our market position, technical experience and the proven products that result from our many years as a leading manufacturer of dental bearings. As the world’s largest bearing manufacturer, MinebeaMitsumi has the resources and industrial capacity to combine with myonic’s dental standards to offer premium quality products at very competitive prices.

Dental technology references

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As an internationally leading manufacturer of dental equipment, DentsplySirona plays a key role in determining the technological and practical standards of dental treatment.

For over 100 years, KaVo (Bibach, Germany) has been the global innovation leader in the field of dental instruments and equipment.

The US company Lares Research is a leading developer and producer of dental handpieces and other instruments for dental practices.


The Austrian family company W&H, based in Bürmoos near Salzburg, is one of the world’s most important providers of precision dental instruments.

Dental bearings

Covering the needs of the entire dental market with a flexible product portfolio

Our customers not only have different applications, but also different needs in terms of volume, lead time and pricing. Dental handpiece manufacturers need customized solutions for new products.

Aftermarket suppliers need a wide variety of established geometries at competitive prices. Both groups have different expectations; therefore, we develop our products to meet the specific needs of customers and their dental applications. We are a proven leader in the market for bearings used in dental instruments. In-depth know-how in the development and production of bearings for OEM applications worldwide, combined with the standardization of components, results in a cost-effective bearing for all common dental applications.

We distinguish between 3 product categories for dental bearings:

Customer-specific solutions

Developed solutions for the next generation of dental tools

Our customized solutions range from the simple integration of new products into existing designs to multi-year projects in which completely new bearing concepts are developed, manufactured and validated.

OEM partnership for product development
Our greatest assets are our technical expertise and application experience. Our engineers are capable of offering the manufacturing of entire assemblies as well. We are not just a supplier, but also a development partner.

Customised cover configurations


Unique cage geometries to optimise bearing dynamics

Special solutions


Unique geometries


Special dental lubricants


Turbine assemblies


optimyn™ Line

The perfect balance between cost, customization and availability

The optimyn bearing range combines unparalleled customization options with defined standards. If a standard design can be incorporated into a new market or product, the optimyn line is the most efficient way to do it. Some of the most common variations in geometry, material selection and packaging can be customized in the configuration while maintaining an attractive price.

optimyn line designation system

optimyn Diagramm

The picture above shows a wide bearing with flange, ceramic balls, phenolic resin cage and single packing.

Elemental Line

Standardized products that meet the needs of the low-speed market at competitive prices and quantities

With the Elemental line, simplified product selection eliminates the need to worry about configuring every aspect of the bearing design. MinebeaMitsumi brings together all the expertise within the group to produce high-quality dental bearings with the cost benefits of highly efficient, standardized large-scale production.

EL Linie designation system

A typical reference would be “EL 740 Z”, which would be an elemental bearing with a covered side, steel balls, steel cage, P25 radial clearance and oil.

Special materials for special products

Developing the basis for a precision product

Special requirements apply to the materials used in a dental instrument.

  • Structural strength

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Autoclave resistance


For the production of our bearings, we use the most widely used rolling bearing steels. However, we purchase them with our own specifications in order to achieve a fine-grained structure and maximum hardness. In addition, the MinebeaMitsumi Group has developed nitrogen-alloyed steels that can be used to achieve even higher corrosion resistance.

We use only the highest-precision industrially manufactured balls available on the market. You have the choice between balls made of 440C corrosion-resistant steel or ceramic.

myonic offers a variety of cage materials suitable for a wide range of markets. The standard material is phenolic resin, which has proven itself on the market for many years and is widely used.

is the material of choice when autoclave resistance is critical.

adds emergency running properties to normal PEEK.

has established itself as a high-performance material with a good mix of emergency running properties and autoclave resistance.

is our highest-quality cage material. Our exclusive PI formulation outperforms all other known cage materials on the market.

In addition to the well-known and proven greases used in dental technology, myonic has successfully developed and uses its own high-speed dental greases. If required, even lubricants with H1 approval are available.

Some of the above materials are only available from the MinebeaMitsumi Group due to exclusivity agreements with material suppliers. With ongoing development programmes, we ensure the continuous further development of our products and processes.

Dental spindles

The function of the spindle (Also known as the collet chuck) is to hold the tool, drill or milling cutter securely during operation and to guide it precisely.

Major challenges include tens of thousands of opening operations, corrosion caused by water or aggressive media and high speed.

The durability of this component is the most important factor for patient safety.


Turbine units

The myonic collet offers the unique possibility of perfectly pairing the high-speed bearings established over decades with the adjacent component.

In combination with the rotor, which is also manufactured in-house by myonic, the result is an ideally matched turbine unit that can be installed in the instrument without any further adjustments.



The extreme conditions myonic bearings have to withstand in operation require the most ideal environment possible.

Despite a precisely manufactured instrument housing, it is necessary to protect the bearings from being overloaded or having excessive clearance. For this purpose, myonic offers the appropriate accessories such as shims and spring washers, snap rings and bushings for ideal assembly.



Technical expertise
Our sales team has in-depth technical knowledge of bearing technology and manufacturing. This is a great added value for every client meeting and helps to get new projects off the ground.

Structure of major customers
myonic prefers to work with its business partners on several levels. Our customers can cooperate as closely as they like with our engineering teams, logistics and quality departments.

Logistics and quality
myonic offers customized logistics methods to meet the individual needs of its customers. Quality control measures can also be adapted by agreement if you have specific regulatory or certification requirements for your end product.

Investigation and advice
When our customers are confronted with a situation where they need technical support, myonic is happy to help find the root cause of the problem. With our many years of experience in the dental industry, we are not only a product manufacturer, but also a provider of technical solutions.

Test laboratory
One of myonic’s most important success factors is a well-equipped test laboratory. The world-renowned automated durability test rigs, state-of-the-art analysis tools and expert staff who interpret the results are second to none.

Validation and testing

The data is based on internal tests only and must be verified for specific applications and requirements.

The proof is in the data

With our dental test rigs developed in-house, myonic is able to test and verify the effectiveness of designs and materials in a specific application.

For example, we can reliably and accurately analyze the development of cage materials to improve the running life time.

Improved corrosion resistance

To meet the growing demands for corrosion resistance, the MinebeaMitsumi Group has developed a new highly corrosion-resistant nitrogen-alloyed steel.

For verification, the salt spray test specified according to ISO was carried out.

1 Normal steel according to ISO standard test
2 Typical nitrogen-alloyed steel for improved corrosion resistance after extended test
3 Newly developed nitrogen-alloyed steel after extended test

Monitor CAD

Information from our customers

“Exceptional Supplier 2022” at Dentsply Sirona

The “Dentsply Sirona Global Supplier Forum 2022” – a high-caliber supplier conference – was held virtually for the second time in May. Dentsply Sirona Inc. was formed in February 2016 through the merger of DENTSPLY International (USA) and Sirona Dental Systems (DE) and has since become the world’s largest manufacturer of dental products and technology with a turnover of over 4.25 billion dollars/year and is also one of our main customers.

At the event, Dentsply Sirona’s managers gave their presentations online to more than 200 top suppliers, who were connected worldwide via their computers. In 2021, Dentsply Sirona introduced its new “Supplier Awards Program for Exceptional Partners”.
All suppliers have the opportunity to participate in this competition.

The criteria for the award program are based on Dentsply Sirona’s procurement goals: sustainability, quality, delivery performance, innovation, partnership and diversity.

Intensive collaboration has paid off
For the application, myonic worked intensively with the responsible purchaser for several months in order to submit all the required documents on time.
Out of around 12,000 suppliers, only 70 companies were nominated for the title of “Exceptional Supplier Partner”, of which only one was ultimately awarded in each of the seven product groups for “Direct Material”.
myonic was honored in the “Rest of Spend” category, which primarily includes steels and products made of metal, such as bearings.

Award for exceptional performance
In his video message, the responsible director, Todd Dunn, emphasized not only the outstanding delivery and quality performance, but also the very good development partnership between our companies. Our clear concept of becoming climate-neutral by 2030 was particularly emphasized!

It was even nicer to receive the award personally from the Dentsply Sirona team a few months later.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the many years of successful and good cooperation!

Our manufacturing for high-precision components

Highly qualified specialists work every day to achieve the smallest tolerances.

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