Inauguration of new premises myonic s.r.o. – Czech Republic

In our assembly plant myonic in Roznov (Czech Republic), the new premises were inaugurated in June 2022.

In order to enable further growth and to centralize the outsourced stamping shop and warehouse, the first floor was rented in addition to the previously rented upper floor in the existing building. After extensive renovation and refurbishment work, the stamping shop moved into the new premises at the end of 2021 – the conversion of the administrative areas on the first floor was completed in the summer of 2022.

For the inauguration of the new premises, Christoph von Appen (Managing Director myonic Group) traveled from Germany at the end of June to join the Managing Director of myonic s.r.o., Pavel Cibulec, and the employees in toasting the successful expansion.

With the expansion, myonic s.r.o. grows by an additional 568 sqm² to a total area of 3,182 sqm², which provides capacity for new projects and production possibilities.

The Managing Director of the myonic Group Christoph von Appen (2nd from left) and Managing Director of myonic s.r.o., Pavel Cibulec (2nd from right) officially inaugurated the new premises.

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