Flower and herb meadows

It’s blooming in the myonic meadows!

Since this year, the area in front of our building is adorned by a diverse flower meadow. In the spirit of biodiversity, we are thus contributing to species diversity and providing a habitat for various insects.

In order to achieve the greatest possible growth of flowers and herbs, the soil was first stripped with sand. This was followed in December by the dormant seeding of the perennial flower mixture, which is recommended by the Ravensburg Landscape Conservation Association specifically for the soil and climate conditions prevailing in our region.

In addition, on the remaining lawns, mowing passes are reduced to 3 – 4 cuts per year to stabilize the development of the existing flowers and herbs and to promote biodiversity.

The gardening and landscaping department of the Liebenau Foundation supports us in the creation of the flower and herb meadows as well as the mowing work.

Next year, more flower and herb meadows will be created on the myonic grounds.

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