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2022-05-13T12:01:45+02:00May 13, 2022 |

Is there anything better than exploring the world together with children? During the Easter vacations the kids of our employees could explore many exciting scientific phenomena of daily life at the digital vacation program WELTENTDECKER@HOME of the “Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft e. V.” (a registered institution of the economy) during four days.

Two experienced educators of the family service of this educational institution supported the primary school kids in front of their computers at home in the virtual class room all morning. They made many experiments, quizzes and interactive competitions.

Before the digital event the families got an „explorer box“  with different material in order to actively explore the following modules in small groups:

▪  Around the world in 90 minutes – Exciting discoveries about our trip around the world
▪  Cast off! We discover in wind and weather!
▪  All children can do art. Let’s discover old masters and create new
▪  “Houston please respond!” – Exciting discoveries around space travel

The feedback of the children and their parents was excellent – this format was able to provide fun, educational purpose and social interaction!

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