Employees‘ jubilees 2023 

2023-08-30T12:56:15+02:00August 29, 2023 |

This year 19 employees can celebrate their corporate jubilee as a member of myonic ranging from 10 to 45 years.

We would like to use this event to cordially thank these long-standing employees for their faithfulness and reliability. For many years myonic employees have placed their creative power and strength into the service of the company and have actively contributed to the development of the company through their commitment.

The employees who celebrated their jubilees this year were duly honored within a festive frame. The management and the work’s council expressed good wishes and words of praise . Furthermore presents were distributed and funny anecdotes of their time at myonic were told.

myonic cordially thanks all employees celebrating their jubilee for the long-standing team work!

© Mathias Netzer

We congratulate:

45 Years

Beckers Johannes

40 Years

Reich Herbert

30 Years

Fischer Lora
Torbiak Nicole
Ludwig Susanna
Wieland Alexandra

25 Years

Schwenk-Gegenbauer Sandra

20 Years

Werner Monika

10 Years

Gruber Lisa
Riedl Gernot
Dieing Simon
Frick Matthias
Pippirs Tamara
Herburger Andrea
Wolf Tanja
Burkhardt Marian
Schierjott Michael
Krauß Alexander
Adleff Kurt

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