Greenhouse gas balance

myonic has drawn up the third greenhouse gas balance sheet for the Leutkirch and Roznov sites on the way to climate neutrality.
In 2022/23, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 4%. Emissions amounted to 1,272 t CO2 in AOP23, a reduction of 37 t CO2 (-4%) compared to the previous year. This corresponds to around 2.3 t CO2 equivalents per employee (previous year: 2.4 t CO2).

Heating the buildings with heating oil due to the energy crisis from October 2022 to the end of March 2023 led to a slight deterioration compared to the previous year due to the higher emission factor of heating oil compared to gas. The use of gas would have led to a further reduction of 72 tons of CO2, bringing total emissions down to 1,200 tons of CO2.

However, CO2 emissions from the purchase of electricity have decreased. myonic Leutkirch has been purchasing electricity from 100% hydropower since April 1, 2022, and since January 1, 2023, 50% of the electricity required for myonic Roznov in the Czech Republic has come from renewable energies.

Employee mobility is one of the biggest challenges. To reduce this, various projects are being launched together with employees.

In order to meet the commitments of the “Climate-neutral Allgäu 2030” alliance, around 11% of greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced each year in order to be climate-neutral by 2030. For the last financial year, this means that 285 tons of CO2 must be offset by purchasing Gold Standard certificates to support climate projects.

myonic is again supporting last year’s sponsored project “Clean Water in Zimbabwe”, which manages well boreholes, provides training and monitors water quality to give the population access to clean drinking water. In addition, 40% of the compensation payment goes to environmental protection projects in the region that promote awareness of biodiversity, species diversity, environmental and climate protection and appreciation of regional foods.

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