Joining the alliance “climate neutral Allgäu 2030”

myonic GmbH in Leutkirch and its subsidiary myonic s.r.o. in the Czech Republic joined the Alliance for a climate-neutral Allgäu.2030. Thus it is among the pioneers in climate protection. As all the other participating companies, municipalities and institutions – in the meantime they amount to 107 – myonic commits itself to become climate-neutral step by step until the year 2030. In doing so, it makes a valuable contribution to climate protection.

Climate neutrality shall be reached especially by energy savings and the  intensified use of renewable energies in the company. Inevitable remaining emissions are compensated by promoting climate protection projects in the region and in countries of the global south. All this is coordinated by the Center for Energy and Environment Allgäu (eza!).

The eza! experts set up a balance of greenhouse gas emissions for each company which forms the starting point for each alliance partner. This was also done for myonic. In this balance not only energy and heat are taken into account but also other factors such as the CO2 pollution caused by commuter mobility and meals for the employees.

As the efficient use of energy plays a central role on the way to climate neutrality, each alliance partner gets an initial energy consulting when joining the alliance.

In the case of myonic the eza! experts identified savings and production potentials. myonic  draws green power with 100% hydropower. Especially in times of high energy prices the energy-efficient restoration of the building – which was constructed in 1975 – is an indispensable measurement with a view to the environment and the costs. This measurement is already being implemented.

However, not all greenhouse emissions can be avoided. Therefore, the alliance partners make compensation payments on the basis of their carbon emissions. Part of these payments is used for high-grade climate protection projects in developing and threshold countries which fulfill the gold standard. Another essential part of the alliance strategy is the support of regional projects. For this, the Green Fund Allgäu was founded. With each ton of CO2 which is compensated for a certain amount flows into the promotion fund for regional sustainable projects. „That is a clear sign for more climate protection on the spot“, says Sebastian Hartmann of eza!

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