Jubilees 2020

2021-08-18T11:42:04+02:00August 18, 2021 |

Our jubilees are normaly honored at the occasion of the annual company party. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were unfortunately unable to organize this party last year.
To the very last we hoped that the honoring could take place in a small circle in spring/summer of this year.
But currently the continuing insecure situation does not allow this.

According to the motto: „exceptional times demand exceptional measurements“ the last-year jubilees were awarded a gift basket (from the delicatessen store Mondo Belfiore in Leutkirch) as well as a present and a certificate which was handed over by their superiors.

We cordially congratulate the following employees:

45 Years:
Manfred Müller

40 Years:
Marlis Scherrer
Karl Sauter
Alfred Scherrer
Eveline Bilgeri
Marianne Bodenmüller

30 Years:
Kamilla Liwald
Birgit Kling
Robert Schäffeler
Wolfgang Depfenhart
Alexandra Einsle
Siegfried Sgier

25 Years:
Nese Türk
Anja Forster
Tanja Merk

20 Years:
Stefan Kofler
Karl-Heinz Simon
Robert Schneider
Gisela Friedrich
Edda Menk
Michael Klas
Sabrina Herdrich
Mario Engel
Anton Störk
Brigitte Lehmann
Sibel Bitzer
Erwin Burger
Barbara Bodenmüller

10 Years:
Christoph Sauter
Thomas Arnold
Kristina Rasch
Alfred Sipple
Julia Riedle
Florian Lanzillotta
Dennis Gok
Dietmar Wohnhaas
Martin Haug
Markus Hepp
Kathrin Brack
Patrick Weber
Achim Merz
Andreas Justus

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