Employees‘ jubilees 2023

The relevance of social media such as facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram is further increasing. Many users can nowadays no longer do without them in daily life.

In the last few years the platform Instagram gained more and more presence. The target group of „millenials“, especially is reached by this social network with a focus on video and photo posts

In the meantime Instagram is firmly established in the business sector and combines millions of people worldwide.

Now, myonic can also be found on Instagram with its own company account.

The focus of our presentation will be the company culture, presenting itself as an employer as well as myonic in general. The posts are made by the company and are worked out by a social media team.

We are looking forward to many followers, likes and interactions!

Here you can find the myonic Instagram-Account: https://www.instagram.com/myonicgmbh/

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