myonic Kids Day 2024

On Friday, January 5, 2024, our well-known myonic Kids Day entered its 5th round – this year under the motto “Fasnetsopening@myonic” (carnival opening)! The children were welcomed by our management member Robert Schneider and Julia Riedle, who, as the person in charge of the myonic Kids section, provided information on the schedule and organizational details to kick off the day.

In line with the theme, most employee children aged 4-13 were dressed in costumes, enjoying a morning with us.
To ensure that the children could see as much of the company as possible, three stations were set up throughout the entire organization.

Fun, Games, and Movement

The movement station was located in the new work office and meeting room “Hawaii.” The “50-Note Game” required children in four smaller teams to diligently search for notes with numbers they had diced before. Behind each of the 50 notes hid an animal sticker. Once the number was found, the children went to the game master with the information about the animal and performed the corresponding action, such as singing a well-known song. The game was more about discovery and movement than winning.

Colorful Creativity

The meeting room “Korsika” housed the crafting station this year. The children were allowed to create various carnival-themed items such as colorful lanterns, CD clowns, garlands, or confetti cannons, which could be taken home of course. The confetti cannons were a big hit, transforming Korsika into a colorful confetti paradise.

Boat Building with Apprentices

In the apprenticeship department, a wooden boat with a rubber band was constructed. The children could create small metal plates laser-engraved with the myonic logo and their names, attach 3D flags and observe various processes on the machines.
To end the day they enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch, and the winners of last year’s Christmas card painting contest and the best costume were awarded by our in-house employee clown.

For young and old alike, the day was once again a great success! We extend a special thanks to our apprentices for their dedication and engagement – this, of course, applies to everyone else and our clown as well.

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