myonic relies on regional district heating!

myonic has decided to supply both buildings with ecological district heating from Kraftwärmeanlagen GmbH and the City of Leutkirch. It is expected to be available for the Steinbeißstraße factory site from autumn 2024.

myonic is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and contributes significantly to climate protection by switching to regional and renewable district heating, bringing them closer to their goal of climate neutrality by 2023. This transition involves converting the heat, previously generated entirely from fossil natural gas, to district heating consisting of over 90% renewable energy sources. This results in an annual reduction of approximately 290 tons of CO2 emissions.

At the end of April 2024, the connection contract between Kraftwärmeanlagen GmbH (KWA) and myonic was signed. The new heating network, currently under construction, is being built by the City of Leutkirch and will be leased to KWA for operation.

Most Economical Path to Climate Neutrality

“We aim to underline not only our regional responsibility for climate protection through the connection to district heating but also improve our operational security. Connecting to the district heating network from Leutkirch is the most economical path to climate neutrality for us,” says myonic Managing Director Christoph von Appen.

For our manufacturing processes, we require a constant temperature level in the production halls. “We can reliably ensure this through a multi-stage heat generation concept, consisting of regional wood heat and two locally-based agricultural biogas plants in Leutkirch. Industrial waste heat from wood manufacturer Pfleiderer complements the heat generation,” reports Jürgen Gölz, Managing Director of KWA.

Fossil natural gas heat is only used for the temporary failure of renewable heat generators and peak loads during very cold hours in winter. A buffer storage tank with a capacity of 6 million liters of district heating water ensures the secure supply of Leutkirch’s heat customers.

“We are very pleased that myonic, a major Leutkirch-based company, has decided to connect to the municipal heating network,” says Mayor Hans-Jörg Henle. “In addition to excellent supply security, this represents regional and even local value creation. The energy for the heating network is generated locally, benefiting regional companies and farmers, rather than in the Middle East or Russia,” Henle continues.

Contracts finalized: myonic gains access to the Leutkirch heating network. (from left): Johannes Schuler (Managing Director KWA), Christoph von Appen (Managing Director myonic), Mayor Hans-Jörg Henle, Siegfried Sgier (Director Quality and Environmental Management myonic), Jürgen Gölz (Managing Director KWA), Joachim Erb (Project Development KWA)

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