Tribute to our Employees 2021

For many years the myonic employees have been firmly committed to our company, have made their contribution to its prosperity by their dedication and have taken an active part in the development of the company.

To our great regret the jubilees could not be honored as usual at the company party. Instead, they were given a delicatessen basket together with our best wishes and presents.

myonic cordially says thank you to all jubilees for their long-standing loyalty and reliability.

Congratulations to ….

40 years:

Würzer Daniela

30 years:

Kappes Michaela-Daniela
Uzunca Erol
Schumacher Roland

25 years:

Huber Eugen
Fimpel Stefan

20 years:

Bauer Margarethe
Dorn Sigrid
Mischke Jens
Wilhelm Sonja
Netzer Gudrun
Schulz Sigrid
Münch Meike
Aga Guelten
Würtenberger  Ilse
Hebenstreit Carsten
Riedle Susanne
Einsle Kornelia
Kober Andreas
Kober Daniel
Meurer Michael
Mischke Julia
Kargruber Gottfried
Schwägele Sylvia
Neubauer Joachim

10 years:

Striebel Melanie
Mayer Wolfgang
Dogan Ercüment
Rohne Thomas
Vogel-Gambach Uwe
Maucher Jasmin
Schönmetzler Fabian
Lott Benjamin
Schele Timon
Schmähl Martin
Schiele Marc
Ertl Anna-Maria
Spöcker Jochen
Ganser Stefan
Hecht Bianca

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