Tribute to our Employees 2022

In 2022, we are celebrating 25 company anniversaries. For many years, myonic employees have been putting their creative energy into the service of the company and impressing with their many years of loyalty and reliability. These employees have shaped the development of the company, actively contributed to it and enriched it with their commitment.

This year, the long-serving employees were finally honored again at the company party. Congratulations and presents from the management and the works council were presented in a festive atmosphere.

myonic cordially says thank you to all jubilees for their long-standing loyalty and reliability.

© Mathias Netzer

Congratulations to …

40 Jahre

Schindler Klaus

30 Jahre

Ehrmann Ramona-Margareta
Luca Scarvaglieri Tonina
Räth Martin
Vogler Florian
Wachter Stefan
Walk Michael
Zelinka Elena

25 Jahre

Eder Stephanie

20 Jahre

Dorn Monika
Ebenhoch Frank
Eifler Alexander
Klitz Ringo
Marzari Sonja
Schlindwein Michael
Stitzenberger Maritta
Yilmaz Hasan
Zodel Günter

10 Jahre

Dargel Adrian
Ertl Kevin
Ertl Joshua
Gleinser Michael
Graf Florian
Hoffmann Jennifer
Locherer Steffen

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