Within the last years myonic was able to establish itself successfully in the market as German premium manufacturer of ultra high precision bearings for the machine tool and other fields of machine building industry.

The axial-radial bearings „AXRY“ have a brilliant reputation in the market.
Years ago, anticipating market trends of high speed – high stiffness bearings, myonic developed the „EX-S“ and „ES“ models.

The “Next Generation” AXRY NGS (Next Generation Speed) guarantees maximum performance regarding speed, load ratings and rigidity in the given space.
Besides the optimization of all key values, myonic has also implemented a variety of lubrication possibilities – achieving maximum flexibility. In-house performance tests have been successful and were validated in-field with selected partners.

Application Machine Tool

Axial-Radial Bearings AXRY-NGS

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Completed Development Targets
Increased maximum speed
Increased (tilting) rigidity
Optimized temperature stability all over the bearing
Constant and low friction torque — start-up peaks eliminated
Increased load ratings enabling higher lifetime
100% interchangeable with competitors and myonic AXRY-EX/ES/OS
Efficient and diverse lubrication possibilities for a precise and minimal lubrication
Optimized kinematics values

Next Generation Bearings shift you to peak performance!

Comparison of rigidity / speed AXRY

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