If high axial forces and a high rigidity are in demand, deep groove thrust bearings come into play.
As the name already suggests, no other bearing can absorb axial forces better than a deep groove thrust bearing.
myonic has committed itself to providing this classic with maximal flexibility by means of different measures as well as to opening new fields of application for it.

The combination of axial bearings with different high-performance plastic as retainer material e.g., opens the way for this bearing for nearly all fields of application with the most different environmental conditions. Thus, it is e.g. possible to manufacture ball bearings which even feel at ease in a strongly corrosive environment – by means of determined material combinations. Especially in the field of biotechnology and medical technology, the bearings often get in direct touch with highly corrosive media.

We even go one step further in the case of bearings made according to customer specifications. Here, we succeeded in thoroughly improving a crucial characteristic of the axial bearing, the axial load capacity.

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myonic Thrust Bearings

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