The continuous progression of medical technology allows us to execute minimally invasive surgeries more gently and cost effectively every year. More and more often this is being done by means of surgical robotic systems.

The endoscopic robotic surgery has the potential to reduce hospitalization significantly as recovery time is significantly faster due to less tissue damage. Even now, some invasive interventions are performed as out-patient surgeries with robotic help in cases where previously the patient would have needed to stay overnight. Through the use of surgical robotic systems, it is increasingly possible to execute difficult and risky operations with much higher precision and thus in a more patient-friendly manner.

Another advantage of robotic surgery is the fact that the surgeon doesn‘t necessarily have to be physically present. For example, it’s possible that a specialist in a certain field operates on patients from all over the world from his home town.

At the moment, widespread use of surgical robotic systems is still highly restricted as the acquisition and running costs are high.

Our American customer, Asensus (formerly TransEnterix), strives to remove the economic restrictions of the current robotic systems with its new “Senhance® System”. Asensus Surgical intends to achieve this by making it possible to integrate surgical tools which are already at hand. This will enable hospitals to use readily available standardized instruments in combination with the robotic system. In comparison to other systems the investments, and thus also the cost per procedure, shall be reduced significantly. In the long run, this is also an important step for establishing access to solid medical care in developing nations.

myonic is proud to provide Asensus Surgical company with three different variations of actuators.

Three different variations of myonic actuators

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